4 types of equipment that you need to start your catering business

Wondering whether to start a commercial catering equipment business? Well, then you need some catering equipment for cooking and storage of food items. Whether you want to open a restaurant, cafeteria, or catering business you will need to have this essential equipment in your kitty to prepare, store, and serve food to your customers.

What cooking items do you need?

You don’t need to buy commercial catering equipment for cooking. Also when it comes to cooking here is some of the cooking equipment that you need to buy-


A microwave oven is a must when looking at the cooking list. Baking or grilling an item or just preheating a food item will help you to serve hot piping and delicious healthy foods to your customers.

Deep fryer

Want to make any fried item such as French fries or fried chicken? A deep fryer is a must that you need to have in your list of commercial catering equipment list for serving the starter menus.


When you want your customers to taste the kebabs or grilled chicken or fish, a griller will do the job for you.


Talking about the menu in a cafeteria people like to have grilled sandwiches on the menu. Serve it with a cola or soda drink or even a cup of coffee but a toaster will make fantastic sandwiches and grilled bread that you can serve with other food items.

Coffee machine

  Whether it is a marriage or a birthday party you need to have a coffee machine on your commercial catering equipment list that serves hot coffee as starters to the guests.

What refrigerating equipment do you need to have?

While starting a commercial catering business you have to store food to make sure that they are fresh even when used the next day.

For this, you can consider the following types of commercial catering equipment


You will definitely need a refrigerator to store all excess cooked and raw food items such as fruits, veggies, eggs, fish, meat, and many others.

Ice machine

An ice machine will help you with serving fresh ice on top of soda drinks, soft drinks, and other beverages, or even with wine. So if you want to make smoothies or cocktails and serve them to your guests you need to serve fresh ice on top that gives an extra chilling taste.

Food preparation equipment

When it comes to commercial catering how you can forget to mention the equipment that is used extensively for making and processing the food?

This can include-

Mixers and grinders

There is no doubt to the fact that to prepare a tasty food the masalas are the key ingredient. And for them, you need the mixers and grinders to powder them that can be later used while cooking.


Hand blenders can be both manual and electric but you need them for blending different materials such as egg, flour, drinks, or for marinade purposes.

Food processors

As catering, you need to make food for hundreds or even thousands of customers and guests. And this requires cutting, chopping, and mixing of various food items. How can you forget about the automatic electrical food processors in the commercial catering equipment list?

Commercial Catering Equipment

Commercial Catering Equipment

Preparation tables and serving trays

On the list of commercial catering equipment, you cannot forget to have serving tables or serving trays with a burner that allows people to taste hot piping delicious food.

Apart from this you also need various small other miscellaneous items such as cutlery sets such as knives, cutting boards, a host of bowls for both food preparation and serving bowls, pans, trays, tongs, and much more.